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Sellist Privacy Policy

Sellist Privacy Practices references to how Sellist collects,uses, discloses,retains and protects its users personal information. These user safety practices are applicable in using Sellist, its associated products and services, regardless of how the user accesses or uses them. By registering or using Sellist, its products and services, the user agrees to all terms, conditions and policies of Sellist, including what is described in our Privacy Practices. If the user disagrees with any aspect of our terms, conditions, policies or privacy practices, please do not register with or use Sellist, its products and services. Sellist as data controller will be responsible for the treatment of user information according to accepted global privacy standards and national laws unique to the country where Sellist is accessed by the user. User information will also be transferred by Sellist to third party processors in different countries. Sellist has overseas servers and wherever our servers are located, user information will be retained and processed.

Personal information

Personal information references to information that relates to a specific individual and can be used to identify that specific individual. Information that cannot be traced back to a relatable source (anonymous) or that which is presented as a collection (aggregated) where it cannot be related back to or used to identify a specific individual is not considered to be personal information by Sellist, regardless of whether is used alone or in combination with other information.

Changes and Modifications to Sellist Privacy Practices Back to top

Sellist is under no obligation to inform its users prior to making any modifications or changes to all its terms, conditions and policies. Sellist can make any changes or modifications at any time we see fit, the users continuous registration and usage of Sellist its products and Services is seen as consent i.e. the user has updated themselves on the changes and modifications and agrees to be bound by them. This is inclusive of changes and modifications to Sellist Privacy Practices.

The Information Back to top

We at Sellist will collect process and retain personal user information from the user and any device the user uses to access Sellist, its products and services. This will include the information the user provides to us in their account, what they upload on their Sellist Display, what is obtained from the device the user uses at time of access and interactions the user will have with other Sellist users and correspondence with Sellist administration. Personal information collected by Sellist is inclusive of but not limited to the following: User identifying information such as name, address, telephone numbers, email address etc. provided by the user at time of registering with Sellist. All information the user uploads on their Display, including any advertising or promotional information the user uploads on their Display. Interactions and exchanges between users Interactions and exchanges between user and administration. Information obtained via completing surveys or query forms submitted by Sellist. Information obtained when the user makes changes to their account registration information. Additional information Sellist may collect under national law to verify the authenticity of user information and identity. The location of your access to Sellist through your mobile device and your device ID. Computer and connection information such as statistics on your page views, traffic to and from the sites, referral URL, ad data, your IP address, your browsing history, and your web log information. Sellist may add to your personal information by including information obtainable from third parties such as your geographical information that can be publicly available. Sellist can be accessed by its users through their user accounts on other social media sites, these social media sites will give automatic access to specific user personal information and history associated with the particular user account. The user has control over how much personal information Sellist can obtain through the privacy setting on the particular social media site they may use to access Sellist. It is the users responsibility to understand that by associating and using that particular social media site account to access Sellist, they give Sellist permission and authority to access and use the personal information contained within the account according to Sellist Privacy Practices. Sellist users must only provide personal and private information about third parties with their explicit and prior consent, and it is the responsibility of the user to inform the third party of the Sellist Privacy practices.

Using information retained Back to top

Sellist uses the personal information collected for the provision and improvement of Sellist services, and to provide the user with the most relevant and personalized experience in using Sellist, its products and services. The user information will also be used in contacting the user about their account ,appraisal of our services by the user such as through surveys, questionnaires etc, provides users with customer service, link the user with advertising and information they may like and be interested in, and also to prevent and reduce the chances of identity theft, fraud, unauthorized and illegal activities. Sellist may also use this information to contact the user regarding enforcement of Sellist terms, conditions and policies that the user may be in violation of. The user can be contacted through electronic means, phone calls, letters etc. User personal information will be held and processed as long as Sellist will see it fit and necessary for our operations. Personal user information on closed accounts will be retained by Sellist for our benefit as long as we see it fit and necessary, and also as deemed necessary by law. After the user information is no longer necessary, Sellist will dispose of it in a secure manner.

User control over information Back to top

The user has a choice in deciding how Sellist will use their information in contacting them, sending marketing and advertising material and how Sellist can best provide the user with a personalized user experience and whether the user will like to keep their account logged into.

Helping users with their personal information Back to top

Sellist prioritises on keeping user personal information updated and accurate, and importantly that the user can access and make modifications when necessary to their personal information. A public post by a user may be changed or removed by the user, but administration at Sellist can help upon user request in removing or modifying the information within reasonable time, or as required under law. Where the user has a legal right to request access or request changes or deletion of personal information, Sellist can still refuse the request based on laws that are applicable to the relevant situation.

Disclosing user personal information Back to top

User personal information will be disclosed by Sellist in the event of legal requirement to the relevant authorities for eg when the user is under criminal investigation, any suspected illegal activity or engaging in any activity that is detrimental to Sellist, its users or other third parties and would result in legal consequences; enforcing terms,policies and conditions of Sellist, in response to case of third party rights infringements. User personal information will also by disclosed by Sellist to third parties involved in a legal proceeding in the event they provide a subpoena, court order or any other valid legal documentation; or in the event that the disclosure is seen fit in good faith by the administration at Sellist to prevent detrimental personal, financial, physical harm etc.