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General safety Advice

Scams and fraudulent activity to be aware of:

  • Information requests – Sellist will never contact you through any means such as through e-mail, post, sms, phone call etc., requesting your personal information. If you are contacted by an impostor asking for such details, do not respond in any manner. Promptly make a report to us and delete all traces of contact.
  • Payment to third parties - Sellist does not provide a money transferring scheme and nor will it take responsibility in such transactions. If you are contacted by any means, claiming to offer such services by us, make a prompt report to us. Use good judgment and avoid disclosing your financial information to any third party, until they have proven to be genuine.
  • Processing fee charges – Sellist is free for its user to join and use, there are no payments required.

What users can do to protect themselves :

  • Using your instincts – if you feel that a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Avoid such traps.
  • Do not disclose financial information to a third party, without double and triple checking the credibility of the party you are engaging in transaction with.
  • Where possible engage in transaction with people close to your residential area, which could give you a chance of inspecting the goods or services being offered.

How Sellist works to protect its users:

  • In your ads, your email address and telephone no. can be hidden.
  • Sellist takes reports made by its users very seriously and takes strict action . Sellist is very concerned in preventing hostile third parties from accessing user information, and also removes and bans users who are repeat offenders and those engaging in illegal activity.
  • Sellist will not share its user information with third parties for the safety of its users, but on request by the law of the land, it will be provided.

Making a Report:

    On the occasion you have fallen for a scam, please make a thorough and immediate report to Sellist. It is also advisable to make a complaint and involve the police.